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Larvenol Caps & Kelion EC

Larvenol Caps & Kelion EC

The dual use of the encapsulated formulation Larvenol Caps and the adulticide Kelion EC provides optimal control of darkling beetles that cause discomfort to broilers and significant damage to livestock buildings. For effective control, it is essential to treat both larvae and adults.

Darkling beetles are vectors for micro-organisms that are pathogenic in poultry. They damage livestock buildings, particularly the insulation. The heat lost by a building damaged by darkling beetles can account for a 70% additional cost compared to a new building. The adults can spread when the litter is removed or when a new lot of poultry is introduced.


  • Broilers
  • Insecticide
  • Darkling beetle
  • Biosecurity
  • Livestock building hygiene



As specialists of sanitary and food safety and biosecurity, our expertise and our solutions respond to the issues of professionals in three areas of activity: Urban hygiene, grain stored protection and livestock buildings.

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