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Investment Casting

Investment Casting

MICROSTEEL, a hard metal machining specialist company (Alacrite, Inconel®, Titanium), relies on its dedicated workshop for all types of machining operations for the finishing of investment or centrifugal cast metal parts.

A ceramic mold is created around the wax part pattern and then removed before casting the metal. Investment casting delivers optimum metal part surface finish with very tight dimensional tolerances.

Advantages of investment casting

  • Tighter dimensional tolerances, reducing or eliminating subsequent machining (js 14 mechanical tolerances)
  • Single part small to medium-volume production runs
  • Multi-alloys
  • Repetitive production runs
  • 3D print-based prototype manufacture

Our air induction and vacuum melting equipment can cast a wide array of alloys.

Fields of application
Due to its very high dimensional precision and optimum surface finish, investment casting is applied in highly demanding fields of application: aeronautics, power generation (oil & gas, nuclear…), medical, defence, motor sports, vintage vehicles, industries, steel industry…


  • Centrifugal Cast
  • Metal Machining
  • Investment Casting
  • Metal Parts



We are a lost wax foundry (steel, cobalt base, nickel base and titanium), a centrifugal foundry for cobalt base alloys (stellite) and superalloys and a machine shop. Our company is specialised in the fields of aeronautics, medical, energy, defence and industry.

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