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Hybrid Cyber Range

Hybrid Cyber Range

Our Cyber Range is a virtual environment that enables organizations to simulate cyber combat training, system/network development, testing and benchmarking.

Cyber Ranges are simulation platforms for operational teams to train, improve responsive capacity in case of a cyber crisis.
Furthermore, it is a user-friendly and powerful way of replicating existing information systems to test and develop skill set such as pentesting, network protection, system hardening, TTPs aka Tactics, Techniques & Procedures and incident response.

Beyond the operational purpose, it is also a relevant demonstrative means to raise awareness, especially among end-users (including managers and board members) by showing them in a realistic manner what the damages can be caused by ransomware attacks for instance.


  • Cyber
  • Training
  • IT
  • Virtual
  • Simulation



Founded in 2002, DIATEAM is an indie French software research and development company specializing in computer security and innovative information systems.

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