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Information Systems

Information Systems

Information systems are strategic and must be subject to continuous evaluation and development.
We help you study your systems, identify your needs, and guide the choices of your new solutions.

Are the applications that you have acquired, or that you have developed in-house, well suited to your needs?
Are they being used to the best of their ability?

We study your existing systems by analysing:

  • Their functional adequacy: suitability and adoption by users, functional coverage, ergonomics
  • Their technical architecture: technologies used, security, quality of developments, resource usage
  • Their lifecyle management: maintainance plan, environment management, documentation, change management

This analysis allows us to tell you what actions to take to improve the performance, but also the maintainability, scalability and stability of your systems.


  • Operational Performance Improvement
  • Information Systems Improvement



OJC Consulting supports you in improving your organization, your information systems, and your communication.
We operate in many areas and are specialists in spend management, supply chain, decision-making and management control.

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