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FLYING TENDER®80 - Commercial & Defence

FLYING TENDER®80 - Commercial & Defence

Capacity: 5 PAXS + 1 crew
Advised engine power: 1 x 250 HP
Take off speed: 17 knots
CRIS ©: automated foils trimming regulation systems for the rake and the trim control
Use: military, rescue, coastguards, oil & gas, passenger transport, custom...

  • Shock mitigation,
  • Reduction of injury rate,
  • Fuel savings,
  • Increased range at sea,
  • Improved stability,
  • Higher average speed.


  • Shock Mitigation
  • Range
  • Stability
  • Eco-friendly
  • Fuel Saving



SEAir is operating in the defence, professional, luxury yachting and VIP passenger transport sectors.
Today, SEAir offers 2 types of flying boats to the yachting sector: the FT80 and the SEAir 10.
We make boats truly fly.

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