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Cosm'Ethics, cosmetics in powders ...

Cosm'Ethics, cosmetics in powders ...

Contrary to what one might think, anhydrous cosmetics are not new. It has been used in France for years in a very specific sector: in beauty salons, a sector where quality, effectiveness and performance of formulas are essential; a sector for which Technature is a leading developer. Powder cosmetics have been in the group's DNA since its creation, especially with peel-off masks. We have a wide range of powder skin care products which meet a real demand that is in line with the trend for natural products, eco-design or solid cosmetics such as:

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Made in France


  • Powder
  • Natural
  • No preservatives
  • Made in France
  • Waterless beauty



Technature is a private label manufacturer specialized in turnkey solutions for beauty brands and cosmetics professionals. Its expertise covers formulation, manufacturing and packaging of cosmetic products under customers’ brands. A full service: from the idea to the finished and packaged product, through a follow-up of the regulations related to the products commercialization. 100% Made in France.

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