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Peel-off masks

Peel-off masks

The Peel-off mask, is a powder mask that transforms into a perfectly homogenous gelled film.

The originality of this mask? Its elastic texture! In contact with water, the ultra-fine powder of the peel-off masks rubberizes thanks to their high alginate content: a natural substance derived from brown algae. From the first 5 minutes, this creamy paste turns into a mask that provides a unique sensation of freshness and comfort.

With a second skin effect, it perfectly fits the contours of the face and neck while diffusing the benefits of its active ingredients. After a period of application, the mask can be easily peeled off in one piece.

Made in France


  • Preservative-free
  • Face & body masks
  • No rinse



Technature is a private label manufacturer specialized in turnkey solutions for beauty brands and cosmetics professionals. Its expertise covers formulation, manufacturing and packaging of cosmetic products under customers’ brands. A full service: from the idea to the finished and packaged product, through a follow-up of the regulations related to the products commercialization. 100% Made in France.

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