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Fucobain is a range of brown algae cream for bath dedicated to domestic use, sold under Océanik brand, handcrafted in our premises in Penmarc'h. Fucobain is also a concentrated of benefits used by professionals in thalassotherapy mainly for their toning actions. The algae used are rich in trace elements and mineral salt.

The benefits of our Fucobain Océanik are:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Help improve muscle trauma
  • Help reduce contractures and aches
  • Invigorating actions


  • Thalassotherapy
  • Sea cosmetics
  • Algae-based product
  • Well-being
  • Body care



French Company, located in Brittany (west of France), specialized in sustainable marine biotechnologies, through our own know-how, we develop and distribute original active ingredients made up of rigorously selected seaweeds and microfiltrated seawater dedicated to agriculture and well-being markets.

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