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"SMS", the French and natural Spritz

"SMS", the French and natural Spritz

🌱 Less bitter, less sweet with a pinch of rum
🍊 A new range of premium cocktails ready to serve on ice!


  • French Liquor
  • Natural Spritz
  • French Spritz
  • French Rum
  • Liquor



⚓ Let’s imagine a collaboration to share together a French rum history

Our adventure of “Shipowner of Rum” was born 3 years ago.
Our objective: Bring life back to and modernize Saint-Malo French Rum's heritage.

Company: “Shipowner of Rum”
We have recreated a continental rum aging cellar in Saint-Malo as in the 19th century,
with a selection of more than 40 rums from large French distilleries, to get a higher panel of flavours.
We offer unique and always smooth tastings, with a handmade production.

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