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Canned Fish Spreads

Canned Fish Spreads

Over time, the Conserverie Courtin has diversified its offer and has developed a range of canned fish spreads. First of all, our fish are carefully picked and then fried with oil and finally mixed with various preparations. These preparations are studied and developed to enhance the fishes’ flavour. Our canned fish spreads are perfect for aperitif toasts, as starters or in sandwiches.

Exist in differents flavours: scallops mousse / slamon and tarragon delight / tuna and sweet herbs spread / mackerel spread / sardine and whisky creamy spread.

  • Our fish rillettes are available in cans (65 g / 130g)
  • Or in glass jars (80g)

BBE: 5 years


  • Spread
  • Canned



The COURTIN canning factory is located in Trégunc, on the southern coast of Brittany. It is the oldest canning factory of the town and belongs to its historical heritage. The factory was launched in 1893 and manufactures fish soups, mackerels, sardines, tuna and our specialty: butter candied scallops.

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