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Gigas oysters Spéciales - Crassostrea Gigas

Gigas oysters Spéciales - Crassostrea Gigas

Fleshy oysters, sweety and delicate

For oysters become special (very flesh), they are reared on farms edged with sheltered deciduous forest in the background of Abers (Abers are the Breton fjords) . The water is rich in plankton made contributions in organic matter generated by decomposition and the infusion of the leaves of the nearby forest in the water of Aber. Oysters are directly spread on the floor and worked with a big boat.

The tasting:
To the eye, it recognizes the special oysters of Prat-Ar-Coum its brown shell reflecting a shift by breeding ground of Yvon Madec parks.
At the opening, it is opulence ... A round oysters, plump, thick, creamy color of caramel.
In the crunch, we discover any thickness, chews, opulent material.
The special Prat-Ar-Coum is rich in contrasts. Both sweet with the sweet roundness (white is glycogen) and toned with his iodine final point.
Sold in wooden boxes by weight (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 15kg) or counted by x24, x 50, x100 oysters from size N°4 (smallest) to N°0 (biggest).

The oysters of Prat-Ar-Coum were several times medal at Concours Général Agricole organized International Agricultural Show.


  • Gigas oysters
  • Fleshy osyters
  • Gastronomy
  • Producer
  • Natural oysters



Oyster farmer based in Abers's country in Brittany for 5 generations we cultivate crassostrea gigas and ostrea edulis from natural spats to adult size. With a domain of 100 hectares we produce +/- 500 tons per year.

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