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Butter Candied Scallops

Butter Candied Scallops

Butter candied scallops are still cooked after Camille Courtin’s recipe which has remained unchanged since 1893 and this dish became the company’s specialty.
Scallops are first cooked in a saucepan with fresh churned butter before they are placed in stoneware pots in a fridge, where they will get candied during 10 to 12 days. Then they are cooked again with onions and bread. Each shell or tin is filled by hand with a spoon as the guarantee of an efficient and well-kept work.


  • Cans (130g/210g/420g)
  • Glass pot (360g)

BBE: 3 years


  • Butter Candied Scallops
  • Canned
  • Glass Jar
  • Seafood
  • Scallops



The COURTIN canning factory is located in Trégunc, on the southern coast of Brittany. It is the oldest canning factory of the town and belongs to its historical heritage. The factory was launched in 1893 and manufactures fish soups, mackerels, sardines, tuna and our specialty: butter candied scallops.

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