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Beef cattle feed & nutrition

Beef cattle feed & nutrition

A beef cattle's nutrient requirements change throughout the course of its life. Growing cows do not require the same intake of nutrients as an adult lactating cattle. You can adapt the feed to the physiological stage - for fattening cattle, suckler cows, heifers, calves - with Vitalac’s quality feeds, minerals and nutritional products. Beef cattle should consume enough forage material to meet their feed requirements. Adding various supplements and additives to the feed can increase the health and productivity of beef cattle. High-energy supplements are often used for pasture-based nutritional systems, as are fat and alternative forage supplements.

It is important to prepare feed rations that are specifically suited to the different stages of a beef cattle’s life. From the dry period to the restart of lactation to calving, each stage requires careful preparation and a re-evaluation of the nutrient intake. Indeed, the feeding requirements of fattening cattle vary, whether in terms of quantity, protein content, vitamins, etc. The nutritional intake required varies according to the weight of the cows and your objectives; for fattening cattle, the quantity of the feed will be more important. A cow with a loss of appetite, lameness or mastitis? Stressed animals as a result of weaning? Vitalac has solutions for all these difficulties.

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