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Liquid feeding system

Liquid feeding system

The Asserva team is very close to the breeders and our reputation is the result of many years of experience. Permanent contact with you refines our knowledge of your current and future needs, while taking into account your technical and economic constraints. Your comments and requests for improvements, those of our installation and after-sales service teams are integrated into the design and optimization of our products. The Multifeeder is the tool of tomorrow: it feeds your animals and, thanks to its complete and precise reports, it helps to improve decision making, for better performances of your farm. The performance, adapted to all the physiological stages The Multifeeder offers a wide range of systems for the management of liquid feeding systems. Dry and gestating sows: a more diluted preparation is perfectly distributed in the collective trough of sows in group, ensuring a good water consumption for the pregnant sow. Farrowing sows: a less diluted soup means higher feed intake. The sensors allow a distribution adapted to the rhythm of each sow, avoiding feed waste and keeping the trough clean. Weaned pigs: a short trough with sensors makes it possible to enhance the consumption of the animals with formulas adapted to their age and growth. And then, finishing pigs: the multi-formula solution, depending on their age or weight, gives the possibility of using wet corn or co-products in order to optimize the feed cost.


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Since 1978, Asserva has been designing, developing, manufacturing, installing and providing after-sales service for intelligent feeding & climate systems for pig farming.

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