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Acari® Farm Solutions

Acari® Farm Solutions

Naturally helps hens in presence of mites.

Deltavit mite program improves the welfare of laying hens and breeders and egg production (improved egg quality and laying rate).

Association of two solutions:

  • Delta® Acariflash, a nutritional solution for use in water or in feed
  • Delta® Acaritec, a drying powder for buildings and materials

Usable in organic agriculture.


  • Natural products
  • Plant extract
  • Egg production
  • Red mites
  • Laying hens



An expert in creating future solutions in Farm Specialities.
DELTAVIT designs, develops and, through a network of distributors, markets specialised product ranges for livestock (ruminants, poultry, swine): feed supplements, minerals, lick blocks, hygiene products.

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