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Wideband 4-way High Power Combiner

Wideband 4-way High Power Combiner

Some applications require the use of high-power RF signals in wider and wider bandwidths, such as automotive test benches or electromagnetic compatibility benches. Generally, a single amplifier cannot deliver the required power, so it must be summed to obtain the desired levels.

This 0.4 to 6 GHz power combiner allows to add up four 250 W amplifiers, in phase, with good isolation, and low losses. Furthermore, this product can be used without degradation if one the sources is down. Indeed, it conception is carried out in such a way as to absorb strong imbalances as well as a high reflected power.

Made in France


  • Combiner
  • Wideband
  • High Power
  • RF
  • Microwave



DETI designs and produces bespoke, custom and standard RF and microwave solutions (DC-50 GHz) for ground satcom, radars, electronic warfare and EMC testing. DETI also offer solutions for evolution of its customer’s proprietary devices (repairing, reverse engineering, upgrade, new design …).

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