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QuadView is a powerful set of scalable board and system viewing modules that can be used either as a standalone viewer, or fully integrated within customer applications. QuadView has a unique digitization capability that allows users to create the schematic view directly from a searchable PDF file. It provides full interactive cross-probing between layout, schematic and netlist viewers, and other products within the ASTER portfolio such as TestWay and QUAD. Within the manufacturing environment, QuadView becomes an integral part of the repair cycle, assisting in locating faults and reducing repair time significantly.


  • Digital twin
  • PCB visualization
  • PCB repair
  • electrical testability



ASTER Technologies is a leading provider of software solutions for optimizing Printed Circuit Board Assembly, Manufacturing and Test, from design through production. The company has developed a unique expertise in Electrical Testability and Test Coverage Analysis, to help electronic manufacturers deliver defect-free products.

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