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Navy Sailor Sweater

Navy Sailor Sweater

The "true sailor sweater" for men has made the success of Le Minor hosiery. An emblematic and timeless garment, this model has not changed for nearly 100 years. Made of dark navy blue wool, this navy sweater is an absolute classic in men's wardrobes. The cut is quite narrow and the body quite long because this navy knit was originally designed to be worn close to the body, to warm without hindering the maneuvers on a boat. That's why it is commonly called "sock sweater".

Made in France


  • Sailor Sweater
  • Fisherman Jumper
  • Breton Jumper
  • Breton Sweater
  • Sailor Jumper



Le Minor is a French fashion brand, specialising in knitwear since 1922.

Our mission: to continue to create sustainable, desirable and timeless clothes by maintaining traditional textile know-how in France.

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