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Officer Sweater

Officer Sweater

Genuine military sweater for naval officers, in accordance with the one that Le Minor made for years for "la Royale", knitted in pure shrink-wool, with shoulder reinforcements and epaulets. With its authentic fabrication, this sweater has always had a good place in the Le Minor hosiery collections. This rugged navy blue military jumper for men and women will stand up to the elements and the trials of life. With military style having long permeated fashion, it has a style that appeals well beyond its primary function.

Made in France


  • Military
  • Garment
  • Commando jumper
  • Fashion
  • Wool



Le Minor is a French fashion brand, specialising in knitwear since 1922.

Our mission: to continue to create sustainable, desirable and timeless clothes by maintaining traditional textile know-how in France.

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