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KERSIA for Food Industry

KERSIA for Food Industry

For Food processing industry addressing mainly milk transformers, meat-producers and ready-meal producers:

- As different dairy products mean different issues, each requiring specific technologies, and each plant is unique in terms of its geographic location and its surrounding environment, Kersia’s experts offer solutions to suit the constraints of different processes.

- The issues faced by manufacturers vary according to the business activity (abattoir, cutting, preparation of ready meals) and the soiling to be removed (proteins, fats, colourings, etc.). Kersia’s experts assist by tailoring cleaning and disinfection protocols to the specific features of production areas (how the plant is designed, the microbial environment, etc.).

- Techniques that involve disinfectant solutions diluted in water, used in other sectors to ensure food safety, are not particularly suitable for the Bread – Pastries – Bakery Products industry area. The additional humidity in zones used for production (kneading, cooking and cooling) and storage adversely affects the sensory qualities of the products. By contrast, aerial surface disinfection (of walls, floors and equipment), where an active substance is released into the atmosphere, is a highly suitable technique for this sector.

Kersia is the world leader in ultradiffusion® surface disinfection. This is a leading-edge food safety technology that consists of producing a fog containing an active disinfectant ingredient which is diffused into every corner of the room to be treated. It causes particles that were initially present in the air to settle on the floor, cleans the air and disinfects surfaces. The protocols defined for each client provide uniform diffusion, coverage of all surfaces, even those that are hardest to reach (walls, floors and equipment), decontamination of the air, and powerful disinfectant action.

We help our customers to anticipate changes with innovative and far-sighted solutions that improve consumer and operator safety, preserve their company’s reputation and boost the sustainable performance of their business.



  • Disinfection
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Food Industry
  • Milk transformers
  • Meat producers



Kersia is a global leader in biosecurity and food safety with value added products and solutions to prevent diseases or contamination in both animal and humans at every stage of the food supply chain from Farm to Fork. Innovation is central to the Kersia group’s DNA and its mission, Inventing a food safe world.

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