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Environment business solutions

Environment business solutions

Whatever the species and farming methods, managing quality of animals’ environment and their effluents is a priority today.
At Alphatech, we offer tailor-made formulations or solutions sourced from our R&D department in order to support our customers in their development.
Act on animal’s direct environment: Thanks to our expertise, we support our customers in the design of products dedicated to management of animals’ living areas hygiene in barns.
Act on livestock effluents: We develop solutions with our customers to act on the fertilizing values of manure, on composting, on the liquefaction of manure and on many other topics.


  • Humidity management
  • Surface Hygiene Management
  • Bedding Flora Management
  • Nitrogen Losses Management
  • Composting Management



Alphatech, manufacturer of nutritional and environmental solutions for farm animals, supports distributors in France and internationally, in the design, manufacture and marketing of their products.

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