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Area, Vehicles, Rooms Beacon


  • Military security
  • Area Marking
  • Beach Marking
  • Marking special forces
  • Identification

The high level of technology and the overall control of the product allows GEIM produce a simple and powerful device for all your marking or labelling operations.
Our tags are equipped with high-performance LEDs visible more than 1000m and an intelligent power management system for extending the operating time. BIM is more than a simple light, it allows you to choose between flashing or fixed, RGB or IR.
Optional triggering can be achieved by motion detection or by radio or GPS location (geofencing). The proposed features allow you to synchronize all the tags together to create a zonal marking.


  • Beacon
  • Area Marking
  • Security Equipment
  • Military Equipment



Founded in 2014, GEIM is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded electronic products and systems for defense and law enforcement customers.
GEIM is recognized by the French Ministry of Armies and by the French Ministry of Interior as a cutting-edge manufacturer of non-lethal dazzling products for military and Law enforcement forces.

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