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Laser for Deterrence and Interception LDI

Laser for Deterrence and Interception LDI

GEIM's LDI laser is a high power, non-lethal laser that has been specifically designed for the deterrence and interception of potential threats at long range day or night. The LDI was designed to meet security needs and deter any potential threat that is near sensitive areas, such as air force bases, navy ships, government buildings, forward operating bases in operational context but also against maritime piracy, human trafficking and illegal migration by boats..LDI is able to generate very powerful warning at 400 m by Day time and more than 1,5 km at night .

Made in France


  • Military
  • Navy
  • Maritime Security
  • Counter Maritime Piracy
  • Army



Founded in 2014, GEIM is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded electronic products and systems for defense and law enforcement customers.
GEIM is recognized by the French Ministry of Armies and by the French Ministry of Interior as a cutting-edge manufacturer of non-lethal dazzling products for military and Law enforcement forces.

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