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Artichoke and "Fromage Frais" Spread

Artichoke and "Fromage Frais" Spread

A spread made with artichokes, emblematic vegetable of Brittany, enhanced with fresh lemon juice.
Our unique and original recipe also features fromage frais.
To enjoy our artichoke spread at its best, generously spread on sandwiches or use it to fill pastry puffs as an aperitif!

Net weight 90 gr - Packing: By 12 units


  • Gold Award Epicure Paris 2017
  • Vegetable spread
  • Starter



Our family cannery produces delicatessen spreads with Meat, or Vegetables, Foie Gras. Our recipes mix tradition and originality with an attractive packing. 4 award-winning products to date. No need for cool storage and a shelf life of 3 years. What else?

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