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Argivo® SE

Argivo® SE

Why use Argivo® SE?

Argivo® Se is a complementary product that can be used from the first days of life of young ruminants. It secures digestion by slowing down transit during risk periods and optimises growth.
Thanks to its composition and optimal palatability, it is easy and quick to consume.

Argivo® Se is also available in organic version.

Mode of action:

  • Guar gum and clay have a very high water retention capacity and therefore allow regular transit. This is why Argivo® Se has a water retention capacity of 6.6 g of water per gram.
  • Specific flavouring with the milky smell that naturally attracts calves and a high sugar content
  • Yeast wall extracts with Manan Oligo Saccharides and Bêta-Glucans.

The product is available in powder.


  • Digestive Comfort
  • Young ruminants
  • Nutritional product
  • Organic Farming



An expert in creating future solutions in Farm Specialities.
DELTAVIT designs, develops and, through a network of distributors, markets specialised product ranges for livestock (ruminants, poultry, swine): feed supplements, minerals, lick blocks, hygiene products.

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