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Acoustic bird repeller - AviTrac®

Acoustic bird repeller - AviTrac®

AviTrac® system is an innovative, patented technology, developed by AgriProTech.

AviTrac® bird repeller emits distress calls and predator calls to create a stressful environment for any pest bird.

• Electronic devices
• Fully programmable (time intervals, operating time, transmitted signals, sound volume, etc.)
• Which protect cereal crops, vineyards, fruit trees, poultry farms, storage buildings etc.
• Which run on AC main power (or battery (3 weeks autonomy) or solar panel for AviTrac® range)
• Which are equipped with a patented technology with more than 50 scaring signals
• Which are effective against crows, starlings, ravens, pigeons, gulls, etc.
• Which can protect up to 4 hectares (for the AviTrac® 18S)
• Which are safe for animals and eco-friendly


  • Crop protection
  • Bird control
  • Acoustic solution
  • Bird repeller



AgriProTech company develops and markets bird control solutions, against unwanted bird species (crows, ravens, starlings, pigeons, jackdaws, etc.) and game (rabbits, deer, boars, etc.).

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