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Multibeck extra-short version CS-24

Multibeck extra-short version CS-24

The Multibeck pan feeder version CS-24 specific for broilers offers many advantages.

Successful Start

  • Reduces digestive problems thanks to the chicks remaining outise the feed pan
  • Ensures maximum feed accessibility from day 1
  • Maintains the same feed pan from day 1 to finish

Limits the use of antibiotics

  • Avoids contamination of the feed
  • Preserves feed quality
  • Provides a better flock homogeneity, delivers performance gains

Better circulation and optimal accessibility

  • The low feed pan circumference enables an optimal accessibility to the feed
  • The absence of barrier effects facilitates a fluid circulation between feed pans
  • Less bruising, less losses and seizures thanks to better circulation
  • Anti waste design thanks to the narrow trough.


  • Broiler
  • French Design
  • Pan Feeder
  • Successful Start
  • Animal Welfare



At LE ROY, we have always designed and developed innovative and efficient poultry equipment to improve breeding conditions and have a positive impact on the well-being of the animals and the comfort of the breeders.

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