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Wirnet™ iZeptoCell

Wirnet™ iZeptoCell

The Wirnet™ iZeptoCell indoor LoRaWAN gateway enables IoT networks for massive IoT, granting high capacity to connect multiple endpoints, improved coverage for remote and deep indoor sensors and high availability for soaring volumes of data messages.

Its key features make it easy and quick to deploy or densify customized private indoor LoRaWAN networks: compatibility with various sources of power, plug-and-play start and backhaul choice to fit network configurations and budget (ethernet or cellular).

A secure-by-design architecture, combined with simple remote management using the Wanesy™ Management Center, grant the perfect connectivity for building, city, energy, industry, and retail smart applications.


  • Internet of Thing
  • IoT Connectivity
  • IoT Station
  • LoRa Network
  • LPWA Network



Kerlink is a leading provider of connectivity solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Kerlink offers industrial-grade network equipment, network core and management software, value-added applications, and professional services. Kerlink has subsidiaries in the US, Singapore, India and Japan.

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