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Web and Android Pentest

Web and Android Pentest

Internally developed web and android applications are audited by Unicorn Security to highlight their vulnerabilities with respect to the web and android standards (OWASP) and ensure GDPR directives are met.
All resources, pages and features of the components will be tested against known vulnerabilities, as well as logical flaws, fuzzing, and any type of injection. A particular attention is paid to authentication, session management, and the underlying cryptography. Infrastructure scans and testing are also performed in order to ensure the proper configuration of services exposed on non-controlled networks.


  • GDPR
  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • Session Management
  • Cryptography



Unicorn Security helps companies of all sizes to thrive thanks to the protection of their information system against cyberattacks. We specialize in offensive security audits increasing quickly and efficiently the level of security of organizations.

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