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Washer Equipment for trays and boxes

Washer Equipment for trays and boxes

1. Fully automated

  • The washer is principally composed of a washing tunnel ; high pressure washing ramps with specific nozzles ; one or a few tanks equipped with an automated water supply ; one or several dosing systems for products or disinfection and washing.
  • Fully automated, it is designed to remove all waste deposit on all type of setter trays, hatcher baskets and chick boxes available on the Market.

2. Stainless steel built

  • Heavy duty, reliable, fully washable, stainless steel 304 L (body, pipes & filters)
  • 100% welded ; welding of junction points & pipes

3. Efficiency

  • Management of chemical products & disinfection, using automated dosing units
  • Economic or dynamic management of static water sensors & partial recovery of water due to the design
  • Management of temperature of the washing tank
  • Management of the minimum & maximum water level
  • Triple filter system, easy access and removable

4. Available options

  • Speed from 120 trays/hour (Compact version) up to 800 trays/hour (High Speed version)
  • Tank capacity: 400 to 1 000 liter of water ; double filters for big & small waste
  • Heating system: hot water coil (up to 45-60°C) ; electrical heater (up to 55-60°C for Hatcheries, or up to 80-90°C for Laboratory)
  • Addition of a tunnel to manage water steam
  • Frame Stainless Steel
  • Air dryers
  • Nozzle choice: number, direction, shape of the jet, washing nozzle on top + bottom + size
  • Filter: Stainless steel mesh filter 304 L / 1 or 2 levels / or composite mesh filter ; possibility of additional pre-filtering on stainless steel filter ; removable filter during or after operation ; filtering throughout the whole length of washer ; possibility to add several levels of additional filtering.


  • Hatchery automation
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Chick processing
  • Egg processing
  • Sexing embryos



NECTRA develops, designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of robust and innovative industrial equipment for hatchery automation and pharmaceutical laboratories producing egg based vaccines. We also offer complete solutions for specific or turnkey projects adapted to all incubator suppliers.

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