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SmartViser developed the innovative test automation solution, viSer, for devices and networks testing. viSer is a device agnostic mobile application that converts any smartphone into a probe offering a series of automated tests supporting over 100 KPIs for device and network.
viSer is used by key players in Telecoms and other industries with very positive results. Easy to use, fully standalone it doesn’t require any additional equipment. On average customers save around 75% of time automating the testing versus being performed manually and around 90% on costs versus using physical resources. Testing can run 24/7 without human interaction or supervision.


  • Mobile Network Testing
  • Smartphone Testing
  • Voice MOS Score
  • Battery Testing
  • 5G



SmartViser offers innovative test automation products, solutions, and services, for Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, Mission-Critical organizations, and companies looking to assess connectivity, helping them to optimize testing, improve Quality of Experience, increase testing coverage, and reduce testing costs.

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