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Vertical moulder Tregor

Vertical moulder Tregor

For decades, the Trégor moulder has built MERAND's reputation around the world. Economical, reliable and efficient, this moulder is the best-selling of our moulder range.
The excellence of the moulding, its exemplary reliability, its precision of the adjustments are some of the assets that make the Trégor the preferred vertical moulder of bakers around the world.
The Trégor PPR model takes all the characteristics of the Trégor shaper and adds an exclusive PPR system (Progressive Adjustable Pre-rolling) that evoids dough degassing.
The Trégor Tradition version has the same characteristics as the Trégor PPR model, with the addition of two exclusive and patented systems : Alvéo+ and Pointop. In the Alvéo+ system, the pre-lamination roller has small cells (similar to a golf ball), which reproduce manual rolling. The Pointop system will automatically shape point-ended baguettes and breads to diversify your range.


  • Moulder
  • Vertical moulder
  • Bakery machine
  • Baguettes
  • Dough moulding



French manufacturer of machines and production bread lines for the bakery industry since 1954, MERAND has solutions to meet the needs of artisan bakeries, supermarkets and industrial applications.
With very significant investments in R&D, major innovations, numerous patents, combined with very high reliability, all of this gives MERAND an expertise which is recognized worldwide.

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