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Vendor + Dry Litter

Vendor + Dry Litter

100% natural, does not contain chemical substances
Sanitation of floors, litter, slatted floors and walk ways
Application by a blower creates a protective film on the walls of the animal houses
Essential oils and yucca improve the ambient atmosphere, reducing ammonia
Soft, non-irritating and neutral pH
Does not contain calcium carbonate or phosphates
Kaolin helps to reduce the cause and effects of diarrhea
Improved wound healing
Insect repelling action associated its content in essential oils


  • Dry litter
  • Hygiene
  • Animal Houses
  • Farms
  • Powder



Concept’Alit is specialized in manufacturing under private label : nutritional supplements, bolus, and dry litters for farm animals. (Pigs, cattle, and poultry)

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