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Tropical animals

Tropical animals

Welcome to the Jungle ! A unique and fashion range with an explosion of colours ! For those bursting with the energy of life.
CM : H 6.3 x L 3.6 x W 1.4
INCH : H 2.48 x L 1.42 x W 0.55
IGNITION : Up to 3 500 flames
Sold in 16 - packs
Made in France
ISO 9994


  • Lighter
  • Quality Lighter
  • Design Lighter
  • Sophisticated Lighter
  • Long Lasting Lighter



There are lighters, and then there is DJEEP. Modern, sophisticated, and built to last — DJEEP has it all.
With up to 3,500 flames, DJEEP lights up life’s occasions best, whether you’re cruising the parkway, setting the mood for a romantic date, or just stepping out. DJEEP will be there for you every time.
With a shape like no other and a diversity of high-end collections, DJEEP is stretching the boundaries of what you thought a pocket lighter could be.

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