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Synergiz Periscope offers a streaming tour where the "Guide" wears a Microsoft HoloLens headset and shares in real time what he sees with one or more remote visitors.
The beauty of HoloLens is that the guide can add additional information (photos, videos...) to the tour in real time.
- Based on an independent video infrastructure
- Dedicated to the augmented visit of places in group
- Usable on the Microsoft HoloLens headset (guide/host)
- Usable via web browser (spectator)


  • Augmented Reality
  • Augmented Visit
  • Streaming Reality
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Virtual Guide



A key Mixed Reality player in France and across the globe, Synergiz is also Microsoft’s only French partner to have received a Mixed Reality Gold Award. Synergiz supports companies in their end-to-end Mixed Reality projects (discovery, support, custom development, deployment, training and assistance) through its comprehensive offering of hardware, software and service solutions.

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