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Stowage equipment and accessories

Stowage equipment and accessories

Discover our full line of tie-down equipment and accessories. We offer quality solutions to effectively secure your loads during transport. Our range includes tie down straps, turnbuckles, hooks, chains, tie down bars and much more. Whether you need to secure goods on trucks, containers or ships, our products guarantee you a solid and reliable fixing. With our stowage equipments, you can be confident in transporting your loads in a safety way.


  • Lashing Chain
  • High-strength Tie-down System
  • Dyneema Tycan Lashing Chain
  • Truck Lashing Bar
  • Lashing Strap



Berra is specialized in lifting, handling and fittings equipment for naval and industrial sectors.
For more than 60 years, Berra Company have skills in producing, assemblying and trading materials such as cables, chains and ropes.

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