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Loader-unloader of setter trays and boxes

Loader-unloader of setter trays and boxes


  • The system is designed to extract setter trays from setter trolleys two by two or four by four, enabling a high automated rate in a function which is usually considered as a heavy work
  • In the case of trolley with 2 side unloading the system perform a 180° turn to present both end of the trolley
  • Each machine can save the cost of several operator
  • The machine is adjusted to suit all types of setter trolleys at any speed
  • Clean transparent outside protection


  • An elevator removes full setter trays from the trolley either one by one or two by two (according to the type of trolleys). The full setter tray(s) is positioned onto the elevator and carried forward to the conveyor at the outfeed of the setter trolley. The trays are placed onto the conveyor either in single or double file (according to the type of trolleys).
  • Nominal speed for standard system 50 000 to 70 000 eggs/hour
  • Specific protection compatible with NECTRA LIFE candling technology
  • Automated trolley loaders: Setter trays can be automatically fed in


  • Automated
  • Loader
  • Unloader
  • Setter tray
  • Equipment



NECTRA develops, designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of robust and innovative industrial equipment for hatchery automation and pharmaceutical laboratories producing egg based vaccines. We also offer complete solutions for specific or turnkey projects adapted to all incubator suppliers.

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