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Spreaders - Rollforce

Spreaders - Rollforce

ROLLAND is an innovator in the spreading world, their 1st manure spreader was built over 60 years ago in 1958, ROLLAND revolutionized the market with the invention of it’s TCEi spinning deck machine. Today ROLLAND is regarded as a major player in the spreading world, with expertise in spreading organic fertilizer. Respect for the environment through an accurate and even spread pattern are Rolland’s strength’s.


  • Rollforce
  • Rollmax
  • Farming
  • Agriculture
  • Manure spreaders



Cropping, Livestock, construction, groundworks and environmental expertise. Since 1946, ROLLAND manufactures and develops machines to meet your needs. The family run company is now able to offer a complete range of machinery, more than 100 models split into 9 families.

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