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Marinoë Deshydrated Seaweed

Marinoë Deshydrated Seaweed

Our dried seaweed is delicately dehydrated at low temperature ... Treasures to cook!

  • Royal Kombu - Sheets (20g): This royal kombu will bring an iodized and sweet taste to your preparations. It can also be used in the cooking water of legumes.
  • Nori - 10 Sheets (30g): With these nori, you will become a real sushi master! With these sheets you can make delicious maki.
  • Nori - Sequins (20g)
  • Sea Lettuce - Sequins (30g): Marinoë sea lettuce will enhance your dishes with a less acidic flavour than wakame or dulse.

Fresh and dehydrated seaweed are available in individual packs or in bulk.

AB - French Organic Agriculture


  • Seaweed
  • Deshydrated seaweed
  • Organic product
  • Vegan
  • Bulk



AQUA B - MARINOË is a French company specialised in the cultivation, harvesting and processing of seaweed founded by Patrick and Marie-Dominique PLAN in 1992.

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