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Ruminant Range

Ruminant Range

A very complete range usefull for cows metabolism, a large neonatal product range (COLOSPROTEC highly dosed colostrum, VIVADYNE syringe for weak calves), some digestive trouble for calves (with REHYDRAPEC complete rehydrating bag, FLORISTOP a digestive dressing, KRIPTOVO syringe intended for calves), and a peri-partum product range for cows…


  • Metabolic Desease
  • Neonatal
  • Colostrum
  • Peri-Partum
  • Digestive



Technovet Export is selling Complementary Feed for Ruminants (dairy cows, beef, sheep, goat), poultry, horses and pets.
We work with motivated distributor, which are following and selling directly to farms or to vets.

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