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Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Tailor-made research projects allowing in-depth analysis of existing security functions and their vulnerabilities.
The code found within an application or device (IoT, embedded, …) is studied in order to identify implementation vulnerabilities and exploitable flaws.
The goals of the project are fixed by the customer, they can for example include:

  • Implementation flaws (overflows, cryptography, authentication)
  • Licensing bypasses
  • Algorithm extraction
    Each reverse engineering project format is uniquely determined in partnership with the client depending on the application's size, the research goals and the technical set-up.


  • Research Project
  • License Bypass
  • Cryptography
  • Hardware Attacks
  • Implementation Vulnerabilities



Unicorn Security helps companies of all sizes to thrive thanks to the protection of their information system against cyberattacks. We specialize in offensive security audits increasing quickly and efficiently the level of security of organizations.

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