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Red Team Audit

Red Team Audit

The Red Team Audit is a real attack simulation where all legal means will be used to compromise the target information system, including the human factor. To ensure the audit is representative of the reality, it is conducted in complete secrecy.
This audit type is very complete, it evaluates:

  • the target company's public attack surface,
  • tests the employees' reaction to phishing and spear-phishing attacks,
  • includes a complete internal audit.
    This project also permits the organization to try out its internal response processes to malicious attacks in a real but controlled scenario.


  • Real Attack Simulation
  • Social Engineering
  • Internal Audit
  • Tailor-made Attacks



Unicorn Security helps companies of all sizes to thrive thanks to the protection of their information system against cyberattacks. We specialize in offensive security audits increasing quickly and efficiently the level of security of organizations.

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