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Premix and Performances - Aquaculture

Premix and Performances - Aquaculture


For feed manufacturers

  • Premix: inclusion rate from 0.05 to 1% in complete feed according to the composition
  • Specific raw materials
  • Additives: prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, plant extracts
  • Additives’ dilution: the additives can be diluted to help their use in factory

For distributors, production organizations, veterinaries

  • Personalized nutritional specialities: mix of additives which can be incorporated in the feed or distributed directly in farm, for continuous use in the diet or cures
  • Formulation
  • Proposed with services: analyses, global technical support, marketing support

For home mixing farmers

  • Minerals and vitamins complements: inclusion from 2 to 4% in the finished feed, including synthetic amino acids and mineral sources

Suitable for aquaculture food production processes: fine granulometry, selection of extrusion resistant raw materials and additives …

Guaranteeing the performances in breeding due to their good assimilation


  • Aquaculture
  • Premix
  • Nutrition



MG2MIX is an independent French company, specialized in the manufacture of premixes essential to animal nutrition.

Our two activities:

  • To manufacture premix, additive premixes, mineral feeds and nutritional specialities designed to be incorporated into animal feed: poultry, swine, ruminants, rabbits, horses, pet-food, aquaculture, insects …
  • To advise our customers from feed formulation to monitoring animal performances in farm.

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