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PM 600 FRS06-SF

PM 600 FRS06-SF

EKINOPS PM 600FRS06-SF delivers an unprecedented level of configurability and manageability that allows service providers to tune their optical transport network to match their service level needs. Capable of operating in multiple different modes, it supports any type of transport application from metro access to ultra-long haul including data center interconnectivity and even submarine transport.
The PM 600FRS06-SF has multiple adjustable parameters including modulation scheme, Forward Error Correction (FEC) overhead and baud rate as well as tunable wavelengths that allow service providers to optimize the reach and capacity of their transport network.


  • Transport
  • Metro
  • Long Haul
  • Optical
  • Muxponder



Ekinops is a leading provider of open and fully interoperable layer 1, 2 and 3 solutions to service providers around the world.
Our programmable and highly scalable solutions enable the fast, flexible and cost-effective deployment of new services for both high-speed, high-capacity optical transport as well as virtualization-enabled managed enterprise services.

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