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Phosphorus removal management

Phosphorus removal management

Optimally adjust phosphorus removal chemical quantity continuously with a real-time control solution

Real-time remote process control by connecting the PLC system of your wastewater treatment plant with a cybersecured hypervision platform.

1/ Phosphorus discharge concentration estimation
The AI solution cross-references and processes data from PLCs, equipment, sensors and external factors to predict and estimate the phosphorus concentration in water discharges

2/ Simulation of chemicals dosing
The solution simulates the phosphorus removal chemicals dosing influence on water discharges based on historical data

3/ Real-time chemicals dosing control
The control phase integrates the phosphorus removal chemicals dosing instructions coming from the AI models to implement the optimization strategy in real-time.


  • Phosphorus
  • Wastewater
  • AI
  • Real-time Control



Purecontrol provides unique AI solutions to reduce carbon footprints significantly, cut energy consumption, and optimize operations in the water management and industrial sectors. The solution has proven its effectiveness on processes thanks to real-time plant control and data analysis.

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