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Balm Deodorants - Organic & 100% Natural

Balm Deodorants - Organic & 100% Natural

Endro organic deodorants prevent the development of odour-causing bacteria without blocking the perspiration. They do not contain aluminium salts, alcohol or preservatives, nor any components that are dangerous or controversial to your health. The formulas are simple and natural, made with 4 to 5 ingredients. Their melting texture is easy to apply with the finger and leaves a light powdery feeling on your skin. Simply apply a small amount under your armpits until absorption! Palmarosa, Mint, Coco, Bergamote fragrances available as well as two sensitive skin ones : Aloe Vera & Monoï.



  • Organic cosmetics
  • Organic Deodorant
  • Zero-Waste cosmetics
  • Natural Deodorant
  • Zero-Wase Deodorant



Endro cosmetiques offers a range of natural, certified organic and zero-waste cosmetics. Our hair, face and body care formulas are simple, efficient, pleasant to our clients and the planet. Born in Brittany in 2019, Endro is being sold in 4000 retail stores and pharmacies in France and now available in more than 12 countries in the world after 4 years only!

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