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OF - Bottom Trawl Door

OF - Bottom Trawl Door

The OF is a bottom trawl door made by Morgère®. Some of our clients hanker after the Polyvalent trawldoor created in the 1960's.

That's why the Ovalfoil was developed, to keep the shape of the Polyvalent while maintaining the performance of the Polyfoil.

This door is made for hard bottom fishing.

All of our doors are designed by using hydrodynamic testing, which is crucial for optimum performance.

The OF, as the other doors, is completely customizable in terms of size. It's also possible to add extra weights.

This door is made in oval shape, and is really easy to use. Finally, it's also allowing a reduction of the wear.

All these features make the OF one of the most popular doors in the range of products.


  • Hard Bottom
  • Trawl Door
  • Fishing Boat Equipment
  • Fishing Boat Equipment



Since 1902, Morgère is one of the world's specialists in trawl opening, present on all five continents.

Our motto is "imagining the fishing of tomorrow, always more efficient, economical and ecological".

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