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Ocean Secrets

Ocean Secrets

Discover the exceptional OCEAN SECRETS skin care products combining exclusive patented marine active ingredients, precious ingredients and enchanting textures. These excellent treatments concentrate the quintessence of THALION's technical and sensory know-how for a global anti-ageing effect.

Made in France


  • Patented Active Ingredients
  • Sensory Cosmetics
  • Anti-ageing Cosmetics
  • Marine Brand
  • Marine Active Ingredients



Createur of marine cosmetics, THALION is above all the story of a Breton family, passionate about the sea and the richness it contains. Harvester-manufacturer, we carefully select the best seaweed in the Iroise Sea. From expertise to emotion, we value genuine French know-how of excellence. All our partnerships are stories of encounters and sharing of convictions, to promote healthy, natural and authentic beauty.

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