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Multiprotect Y

Multiprotect Y

Multiprotect Y is an in feed solution intended to reduce the consequences of biotoxins risk exposure and to help animals to handle stress that they induce. Multiprotect Y combines two modes of action:
Adsorption: Multiprotect Y rapidly and selectively adsorbs mycotoxins and bacterial toxins in the digestive tract of the animals.
Bioprotection: the product includes active components selected to:

  • Support liver functions, the key organ of detoxification. This helps to detoxify mycotoxins which cannot be adsorbed (eg DON).
  • Contribute to help the natural defenses, weakened by mycotoxins.
  • Reinforce and complete the action of antioxidant systems of the animals.


  • Mycotoxins
  • Biotoxins
  • Food Safety
  • Fungi
  • Crop



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