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Multibeck short version CS-45

Multibeck short version CS-45

The Multibeck pan feeder version CS-45 for all poultry offers many advantages:

Successful start and limitation of the use of antibiotics

  • Maximum feed accessibility from day 1: 20 chicks have access to feed at the same time
  • Less work at starting period, and a reduced use of start feed pans
  • Preserved feed quality and less digestives problems
  • Better flock homogeneity delivering an improved performance

Successful versatility

  • Lower pan: specific for the start for all poultry and finishing broilers
  • Upper pan: specific for turkey or duck’s transition and finishing
  • For a better feed conversion: lower and upper pans are designed to prevent wastage
  • No need to change the pan during the growing period or a change of production
  • Accessories: collar for turkeys or ducks and grill for guinea fowls can be installed without removing the pan feeder.


  • Poultry
  • French Design
  • Pan Feeder
  • Successful Start
  • Animal Welfare



At LE ROY, we have always designed and developed innovative and efficient poultry equipment to improve breeding conditions and have a positive impact on the well-being of the animals and the comfort of the breeders.

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